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Real Estate Investment

There are several ways we invest in real estate. For many Americans, the most basic real estate investment comes in the form of a family home or rental property. Investing in a single real estate property can be a large, lucrative investment with multiple possibilities for usage. Versatility, longevity, and appreciation are often top reasons that make single property investments relatively safe, reliable, and profitable over time.

A rise in online crowdfunding and mortgage lending has also broadened many of the possibilities and opportunities for direct real estate investors. Platforms like Lending Club, Prosper, SoFi, LendingOne, LendingHome, Groundfloor, Money360, and more, offer faster, easier, and more efficient ways to get a mortgage loan, increasing the potential for buyers to be more versatile in their investments.

As the real estate market evolves, new offerings are being introduced regularly. With these introductions, real estate investors now have a range of choices spanning from real estate investment groups, real estate mutual funds, real estate investment trusts, and crowdfunded retail offerings like Fundrise. However, direct real estate investments still offer a way to make significant profits for those investors with the right mix of financial stability and risk tolerance. For these investors, real estate options may be a possibility that when exercised can add to the gains or reduce some of the risks of a direct real estate investment.

Why we invest in in Real Estate

  • Historically in real estate, your risk of loss is minimized by the length of time you hold on to your property. When the market improves, so does the value of your home, and as a result, you build equity. The risk never changes in the stock market and there are numerous factors beyond your control that can negatively impact your investment. Real estate gives you more control of your investment because your property is a tangible asset that you can leverage to capitalize on numerous revenue streams, while enjoying capital appreciation.
  • There will always be value in your land, and value in your home. Other investments can leave you with little to no tangible asset value such as a stock which can dip to zero, or a new car which decreases in value over time. Home owners insurance will protect your investment in real estate, so be sure to get the best policy available so your asset is protected in the worst-case scenario.
  • History continues to prove that thelonger you hold onto your real estate, the more money you will make. The housing market has always recovered from past bubbles that caused home appreciation to slip, and for those who held on to their investments during those uncertain times, prices have returned to normal, and appreciation is back on track. Now, real estate investors in the top performing markets are enjoying a windfall. In fact, this past year, every state in the nation had a positive appreciation, and some of my clients in the Los Angeles market have made millions of dollars in less than a year from flipping.
  • If you've ever spoken to a financial planner about investing, then you are very aware of the importance of diversification. When you diversify your portfolio, you spread out the risk. Real estate will always serve as a safe tangible asset to mitigate the risk in your portfolio. Many have amassed wealth by solely investing in real estate.
  • You can get tax deductions on mortgage interest, cash flow from investment properties, operating expenses and costs, property taxes, insurance and depreciation (even if the property gains value) and other benefits. The end of the year is a very busy time for real estate because people want to take advantage of the numerous tax benefits before the end of the year!